Font Resize on MIUI 12.0.7


Jan 26, 2013
Mi 10T Pro with MIUI 12.0.7 eu here.
Is there a way to resize fonts apart from the settings app? Like maybe a Magisk module?
See, the size "L" is too large and there a lot of broken text boxes in the UI, and the size "S" is too small for my eyes. Would be awesome to have a tool that could control font size with more precision.
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Edit: Ok, I use the option in Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Smallest Width
I've adjusted it from ranges 392 to 490 and the problem is solved. Now I can control most of the font appearance.
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Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
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Oct 6, 2016
Do note that touching "Smallest width" can cause layout issues and even crashes, none of which you should report to us if they happen. Developer options are not intended for casual usage.