New FPS brightness, Lockscreen Bugs, Settings not showing VPN and more


Nov 17, 2019
Dear Developer,
I'm a proud user of your ROM for more then 6 month. MiUI 11(Latest Patch) was the best ROM ever. Everything runs smooth, mostly bugless and super battery efficient.
Since the Update to MiUI 12 (from Stable 11 to Stable 12) i hate my phone. I did dirty flash first. Thought the bugs came from there and did a clean flash. I was disappointed to find that the errors are still there.(All)

• Opening the Settings App and Search for "VPN" works. But VPN itself doesnt show up while scrolling or looking in other sections.
• Streaming YouTube from Smartphone to Smart TV / ChromeCast(GoogleCast) lets the phone turn black and lets the screan flicker untill the YouTube Ads are done. While this happen the phone is vibrating too.
• Installing a new App from PlayStore enable automaticlly the darkmode of the app. To Disable i have to go to Settings>Screen>Darkmode and turn it on. Navigation to InApp Darkmode and now the Bug happens. No apps are showing. Tapping into Search (without serching) and tapping out shows all installed apps (what should work without tapp in and out)
• Forcing Darkmode in Apps who doesnt support it by default sucks hards.
• Finger Print Sensor is Working. But the Icon they show while screen is disabled and phone god moved is Laggy, not showing or to less brightness to see it (even when the room is totally dark)
• After Phone Reboot the InfoAssistant (Swiping at homescreen left) isnt auto booting. I need to start it manually by swiping left to load it.
• We need a way to handle the focus of our camera app better while using it. Becouse If i focus an opject and move (realy) far away, there is no way to stop focusing the point i tapped on. Maybe Tap on screen to hold the focus on it and tap the same location again to stop force focus ? In Closeup movies i focus an small object by taping on screen but if done, im unable to change to autofocus without stoping the record.
• Sharing a Notice from InfoAssistant shows MiUI 7 at the screenshot
• And we need a way to change the camera while recording from backside to front like other phones (iphone etc)
• And for any reason my provider supports VoIP Calls but the rom shows its not supportet.
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Jun 19, 2020
Yeah, I hate it too. But I can live with this.

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