Free Android Market?

Aug 4, 2013
I’ve upgraded to 3.8.16 and noticed its added a 2nd google play app store (Chinese version I think) so I tried to delete but it would not let me and I just went in there to see whats different.

ALL the apps say ‘install’ on them so I clicked on Riptide 2 which should normally be £1.99 in the UK app store and it just started downloading and worked for FREE

Whats going on? Is this a glitch, hacked store in the ROM, will I get charged (nothing taken from me so far) or is this just a FREE app store

Not complaining just want to see whats going on before I go nutz and get everything I can.


Also how do I get my Barclays Banking app to work as its asking for Root access but when I enabled it, I get a message saying the app won’t work on rooted devices
Jul 24, 2011
Well i'm sorry but you should be ashamed(had much more colourful words at first) for even considering getting paid apps for free.

This is either a new xiaomi marketplace that should be removed from miuiandroid roms or is some sort of glitch that should not be taken advantage of by anyone as it is appauling that xiaomi even does this crap. It's one of the reasons why i don't use xiaomi roms anymore. They are stealing from hard working people and the community as a whole. Please miuiandroid make sure this new market is removed from future roms...