Fried USB port - how bad is it?

Sep 5, 2011
Few weeks ago I plugged in the phone in an old computer to charge. Apparently it had some issues with the USB ports that upon plugging in caused my phone to smell like burned plastic and reboot itself. I instantly removed the cable but it was too late.
Turns out that the USB's data connection is dead, however it charges just fine. I manage to do file transfers through the wireless, however I'm scared to do any ROM flashes anymore.

How can I resolve this, is there any way to change just the USB port or the whole motherboard has to be replaced? How screwed am I in general?

redmaner maintainer
Staff member
Jan 12, 2013
Depends, if it's only the usb port it's probably possible to replace only the usb port.
I don't know how it's settled in a Mi-One but I had problems with my Galaxy S2 in the past and saw people replacing the usb port themself.