From To Global

Oct 22, 2012
Hello everyone .... I have a redmi note 4x and currently I installed the weekly rom of with twrp I would like to go global and see if it is more stable the fact that with often willingly intends the phone and exits applications or things like that.
I wanted to understand the process to make the change.

Tell me if it's correct please:
1Download the global rom (I do not know where yet)
2Connect the phone to download mode
3Falsh with miflash
I lose all the data? (I think so)
If I install the global I lose the root?
On global there is unlock device with face?

Tell me if the procedure is correct, please.

Thanks in advance.

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Nov 13, 2017
I mistakenly installed the global ROM. If you want to, download it and save it on your phone.
Thema tell your updater to use the selected file. Going back to the eu-version (available in Dutch) just the same.