Galaxy Note 3 Neo (n7505)


Oct 21, 2012
Hello to all MIUI Fans, ( Desire HD was my first smartphone with miui )

I am already miui fan since some years and love it still. Seen alot updates and graphic changes. In first case userfriendly and very butifull interface. But since I changed my phone into n7505 ( note 3 lite/neo ) I am forced to use that Sucks Samsung rom. Because no one supports n7505 or makes an working custom MIUI rom. That phone realy sold already alot and so much people wanna change to miui too.

I Request Pro support of the miui team. Realy we n7505 users need your help to get a full supported n7505 miui rom.

Best Regards,
Pali ( Biggest miui fan in the world xD )