New Gallery and Camera app screen dims miui 13

Vincent Foxx

Jan 2, 2021
This starded when i bought the phone, never thought of it until now. Everytime i open the gallery app or the camera the screens dims a lot. It's hard to see the pictures sometimes, but when i play a video in the gallery app the brightness jumps back to max

I already did the basic fixes, turn off auto brightness, checked dark mode, power saving, and everything that messes with the screen brightness is off. I don't know why it keeps doing this.

I reflashed miui 13.0.4 all the way to 13.0.10 and nothing changes. My phone is the redmi note 11 pro 5g If someone has an idea how to fix this let me know. Also i tried updating the gallery app and clearing the cache and reinstalling the app, and nothing.

here are some pictures of what i mean. This problem also exist on and stock