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Qu Paolo

Sep 15, 2018
I want to thank all the teams Xiaomi.Eu For the jobs they did to bring over the performance of the phones also very interesting functions, which perhaps we will never find on the Global ROM Xiaomi.Eu, but I call on the chatter, we move on to the problems of all beta ROMs Xiaomi.Eu.
1) In this version many, if not many, written are in English.
2) The ambient display does not show all incoming notifications (Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, Sms...), in the future you are going to add all the apps, to show us notifications in ambient display?? It will be very useful for those like me who has a super top of the range (Xiaomi mi 8) but also has a super notch That does not show notifications, yes it is true, that you have solved it partially, but the 4 or 5 notifications will remain for a few seconds, I would like ThatThese notifications will always remain For Not the gate.
3) When watching a video of Youtube, the screen is not at its maximum resolution, in the sense that it is not as big as the video phone, it seems a 16:9, rather than 18:9, you can implement it?
4) The App Magical That you put, is not an app as root, I'll explain the Why, a root can do everything without limit, while this app if I install it has some limitations such as: If I download an app, it takes root consent, when I open it, it tells me root not installed as I actually already installed, this thing happens in most of the PP, then if I install an app to check if root is installed, the latter tells me root not installed as it is actually the opposite
5) The apps that I disinstallato I, the one preinstalled, when I go to flashare A new version of ROM, I will reinstall not all but only 3 apps, but Because? It's essential these 3 apps from the rest of all the apps I disinstallato, the one preinstalled by the producers
6) Sometimes the ambient screen is not accessed, you turn it on when it is at 100% the charge and At times Even under charge, but when I go without charging the screen will not illuminate Why? In the CHINA Rom version it worked.
7) One last question is not a problem but a request: when you can release the MIUI 10 Global stable of android 9 with all, but all the functions it has released Google?. Thank you. PS: The latter also happens in Beta Rom


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Qu Paolo

Sep 15, 2018
[QUOTE = "Igor Eisberg, post: 466194, membro: 161498"] Capisco a malapena cosa stai dicendo. [/ QUOTE]
cosa non hai capito

Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
I don't understand what you want from us. If you have any problem with how MIUI works (or does not work), you can express your criticism on official MIUI forums. If you're requesting features that don't exist on MIUI or on our custom ROMs, then we do not have the staff capacity to take any requests.
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