Geofencing Not Working In The Background On Mi4i

Sep 16, 2015
I have installed the 'Ferrari' rom on my Mi4i in order to have the menus in Dutch (Netherlands). However, not sure if this is related to this rom but the geofencing part is not working properly in the background. I'm dependent of an app (Tado) which works with my smart thermostat at home and which uses Geofencing (Locations Presence) in the background to indicate when I have left home and then adjusts the thermostat automatically.

I have given the Tado app all permissions and have not installed any battery saving apps and I'm not using the battery saving options in the MIUI 6 software. Only when I actively check the Tado app the presence detection functions but not in the background, which is essential to me.

Anybody know a solution in order to get Geofencing working in the background?