Gesture pixel , fingerprint one plus ,buttoms global rom for any phone, changing systemUi and home


Oct 25, 2019
I edit systemUI and home, this changes:

* the gestures miui to pixel gestures (arrow back)

* fingerprint animation on the screen style (one plus macclaren)

* china rom buttons to global rom buttons (pixel style)

I found it very soft to use, I had to put a single color because there is no other way to change the color in the variation of dark and white mode,
so I leave two sizes medium and small, you can use the one you like,
the little one comes inside systemui and home
if you want another just change it.

I am trying to add a file that generates vibration when using the gestures (the gesture arrow)
as in the rom aosp but I have not achieved success, so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate writing me, well thanks in advance

installation mode:

1. go the route: system / priv-app
2. change systemUI
3. change Home
4. reboot phone
5. done


I found a problem now I have another phone and I was able to try it and solve it.
The system ui and home in each xiaomi, apparently in something they differ so,

1. You should go to these folders:
- system / priv-app / home
-system / priv-app / systemui

and in each folder, that is, in these two folders of each app located in the path that I mention, you must manually replace the files so that it does not create errors:

systemUi =

Home =

Copy the files and paste them in the same place and that's it, there will be no problem with any xiaomi phone

then already done copy each folder to your internal storage and save it and every time you have a new rom just replace each complete folder,
since the first time one by one is just so as not to create conflicts



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