Getting the MITV2 this week, how to wall mount it


Aug 3, 2015
a friend of mine helped me to ship it from China to Israel
but even when i look at the official website for xiaomi i can't find the mounts
Did you ever find where to get one online? Or which mount to get?


Got the MiTV 2s. The holes are 200mm x 200mm. I just got an articulating VESA compatible mount for 200mm. Also at 26 pounds any mount will work.

Update 2:

Got the soundbar separately a few weeks ago. Since the TV is wall mounted, I hung the soundbar from the TV. Ran a paracord loop in the holes where the TV's feet usually go, and used one of the screws that came with the TV to hold it. Tied the loops to the soundbar and it's good to go.

With the soundbar hanging a few inches below the tv, it points wherever I point the TV. It's perfect.
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