Give Xiaomi Mi2 Official MIUI v6 KitKat 4.4.4 Support!

Nov 14, 2013
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Nov 26, 2011
The official build will be a 4.1 based one... wich is a joke...
Even more whack is the fact that there will be a 4.4 build for the mi2 but it will be based on v5 and it will not be 100% official since it will be Ivans work..

This move will cost xiaomi a TON of customers...
CM is working great , why is it so hard to get that into a miui build ?
Jan 23, 2014
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Jan 29, 2013
I don't know if there was an official statement about the Android version by Xiaomi, but I will sign it anyway.

The Mi2 is one of the phones who made Xiaomi a lot bigger then they were at that moment. At that time it was the fastest and smallest Android phone of the world. This was for about 10 months, then they released the Mi2s. The next fastest Android 4,3" phone was de Sony Xperia Z1f/Z1Compact.
Oct 18, 2013
I think would be useful if someone who knows chinese spreads the petition in China.
(mabye @RadarNyan ?)
It already been done so but somehow anything related to this topic has been deleted posts after posts. Xiaomi has its mind SET on android 4.1 MIUI 6. So i doubt they will even bother with 4.4 development. Mi2 is getting older just like iphone4 to apple right now. We should be thankful that Xiaomi will have MIUI 6 for mi2 and redmi users. As long as we have the same functions and tweaks as the 4.4 MIUI 6, i dont really mind that is base on 4.1. There not much of improvement between andriod 4.1 VS andriod 4.4.4 no matter what rom u use.(asop, cm, mokee, miui...etc) but there HUGE improvements between MIUI v5 VS MIUI 6. SO i hope we all understand the point.