New Google Mobile Device Management - Error In Company's Owned Devices


May 9, 2018
Good morning,
I have a problem with Xiaomi devices. When I configuring the Xiaomi device, I go through all the points, I reach the point where I have to enter my e-mail address.
I fill the business e-mail address that is managed by Google Mobile Device Management. I agree that the telephone is the property of the company (I'm not owned this device). I have set very restrictive policies on the devices belonging to the company.
- Redmi 5 Plus hangs on "loading applications" and nothing helps. Reset activates the start screen and continuous charging,
- Redmi 4 says he can not install Google applications to manage mobile devices.
The problem only appears on Xiaomi. All other devices - e.g. Kruger & Matz, Samsung J5 2017, Umi operate.
What can be a problem ??