Google play storie


Oct 3, 2019
Normal? Yes and no. ^^

Yes => Because the bootloader of your device is "Unlocked", it means it can possibily be less secure than a "Locked" bootloader.
No => Because ROMs try to hide the "Unlocked" state to the Google's SafetyNet checker.

But since Google implemented a new verification type (currently not for all devices) named "Hardware attestation" =>

It's nearly impossible to bypass it but there is a workaround method to force the verification to use the old "Basic attestation" instead of the new "Hardware attestation" type. ;)

Don't know if ROMs include this workaround but you can install this workaround with root:

- Install Magisk (v21.0) then follow steps from 7 to 12 =>

Good luck!

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