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Apr 29, 2013
Q1:what is a xiaomi box? what can xiaomi box do?
A: HD Internet TV Box xiaomi box is produced by the xiaomi company is the xiaomi phone by far the most fever accessories. Xiaomi box, you can do:
Online video, movies, TV shows, cartoons and variety shows in television;
Play games on TV, has Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled and other games;
On TV, listening to music, douban radio duomi music;
Xiaomi phone, iPad (mini), iPhone, iTouch and support DLNA terminal equipment on the pictures, video delivery to the TV and use the phone as a remote control to operate;
With OTG function U disk, mobile hard disk within the local high-definition video directly through the box on TV for playback.

Q2: All TV can use the the xiaomi box?
A: Having HDMI input TV or AV composite input function can be used xiaomi box. We recommend that your TV has HDMI the xiaomi box, can fully protect the viewing experience.

Q3: Use the xiaomi box at least how much bandwidth needs support?
A: In the case of more than 2Mbps dedicated bandwidth, can protect the normal use of xiaomi box; if you want to watch HD content, it is recommended not less than 4Mbps bandwidth.

Q4: the xiaomi box configuration? Such as CPU, memory, etc.
A: The CPU is based on the Cortex-A9 Amlogic Amlogic AML8726-M3, memory is 1G. Of rules see of specific

Q5: xiaomi box external mobile hard disk or U disk?
A: Yes, OTG cable to directly connect mobile hard disk, U disk. And play the movie on the mobile hard disk, U disk.

Q6: All wireless phones and xiaomi box connected to it?
A: MIUI device (including xiaomi phone), AirPlay device (iPhone, iPad (mini), iPod touch), DLNA device can be Mi Unionxiaomi box. Meters associated future there will be more rich and wonderful performance.

Q7: What is Mi Union/ The miLink is?
A: Yes, a digital media content on the mobile phone, wireless delivering them on TV solutions.
Meters Union aimed at resolving Andrews phone (using MIUI system), iPhone, iPad (mini), as well as on the PC video, pictures, music content via a wireless connection, TV interoperability. Make sure that the xiaomi box with your terminal device is in the same LAN environment, through meters Union, you can vote sent to your terminal equipment on the local pictures, video, music, and watch online video on the TV screen. (Note that just the picture video pushed to box up the display, rather than real-time display of the mobile phone screen)

Q8: What is AirPlay?
A: Airplay is the standard used by Apple series equipment the function reference meters Union. Need the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (mini) equipment and system update for iOS4.2 or later before you can use.

Q9: What is DLNA?
A: Sony, Intel, Microsoft initiated and interoperability technology, the function reference meters Union. Many of today's Android devices support DLNA, many devices can also support the use DLNA software.

Q10: If none of the above equipment (MIUI / xiaomi, AirPlay, DLNA devices) Can I use the xiaomi box?
A: Yes, xiaomi box can realize the function of network TV, Internet radio, online music, games, etc. In addition to the meter outside the United.

Q11: How phone xiaomi connected to the box?
A: xiaomi phone as well as iPhone, iPad (mini), iPod touch needs meters associated xiaomi box in the same LAN WiFi environment, select the name of the xiaomi box to connect.

Q12: How xiaomi box networking?
A: you can connect via wireless and wired two ways: wired directly plug in network can wirelessly Just go to the the xiaomi box system settings interface, search the wireless signal, select the Wi-Fi hotspot, set to the prompts.

Q13: What is the difference? Xiaomi boxes and song, set-top boxes Xiaomi box standard include?
A: xiaomi box is used to watch online video on TV, online video source is very rich, contains 100,000 drama. The song, set-top boxes more emphasis on TV signals, to meet the demand of users to watch TV programs.
The xiaomi box standard: boxes, adapters, remote control, HDMI cable, manual

Q14: the xiaomi box and Apple TV What is the difference?
A: From the domestic point of view, xiaomi box film source richer, more Mi Unionand DLNA connection, but also by directly through AirPlay with iPhone, iPad (mini), iPod touch and other Apple devices compatible format agreement with xiaomi mobile phones, computers and other terminal interoperability.

Q15: Many Internet video company the copyright only play on computers, mobile phones, there is no copyright on television, xiaomi box video content whether there copyright issues? Will face encounter policy risks?
A: We own the copyright resources company cooperation can be assured that copyright issues.

Q16: the source of the film xiaomi box with mobile phones, the Internet copyright? The quality and variety of the source of the film are the same?
A: not the same. Video clips on the phone with an Internet source and type are not the same. Two completely different systems. However, after the quality of the source of the film to look at carefully selected, the effect is much better than the mobile phone video.

Q17: Film / TV resources of xiaomi box is updated in real time? Latest movies online with is not a xiaomi box will be updated synchronously, such as TVB, Mainland drama.
A: xiaomi box the content every day for updates. Cooperation content providers to get the television rights to the resources, will be seen on the box. In this part of the contents of the site may have some differences.

Q18: Where can I buy HDMI data line? What brand is good, please recommend?
A: Our standard will include an HDMI cable, home appliances, IT stores, the network can buy HDMI cable.

Q19: The remote control is able to charge? Button battery for how long? Where to buy?
A: remote control can not be charged. Xiaomi remote control with CR2032 button battery, standard battery, and up to 100,000 times the continuous operation of key life. The General Shopping malls the button battery sales.

Q20: video switching and the WIFI link regular card machine, why?
A: video switching and wifi link, the beginning of the network connection, may appear unstable data transfer phenomenon (card)

Q21: xiaomi box support online software updates?
A: xiaomi box daily updates, software is updated weekly.

Q22: xiaomi box where the video content? Is it legal?
A: xiaomi box the video content iCNTV (TV), full compliance with industry requirements of regulatory authorities, ease of use.

Q23: part of the video content has a watermark of other content providers, such as Tencent, legal?
A: xiaomi box All videos are iCNTV of broadcast control platform, in iCNTV broadcast control platform resources of other content providers, the iCNTV can be controlled tube video on all broadcast control platform, full compliance with industry laws regulatory requirements, ease of use.

Q24: What is the serial number of radio and television? Why does my radio and television serial number is empty?
A: radio and television serial number is the only terminal number in each box, the xiaomi box access to radio and television network will be the serial number of the first networking, serial number not obtain the status.

Q25: xiaomi box are able to watch live television?
A: Due to the limitations of industry policy, xiaomi box does not support watching live TV, we will actively communicate with the industry regulatory authorities to find a viable mode of operation, subject to the adjustment of industry policy, we will follow up as soon as possible to support the broadcast function.

Q26: Why Some video display "Failed to read" and other video play correctly?
A: The content provider will regularly synchronized update of the list of resources takes time, xiaomi boxes need to wait for some time to be removed. We will work closely and content providers to speed up the time synchronization to the list of resources.

Q27: Why Mi Union/ AirPlay / DLNA push video to wait for a long time?
A: Mi Union/ AirPlay / DLNA function need to the xiaomi box transmission of data over the wireless network, will be the impact of the network environment, the buffer may take longer time. If you can use a wired network or wireless network settings appropriate adjustments to optimize the network environment.

Q28: Why Mi Union/ AirPlay / DLNA can not play music?
A: xiaomi box already supports Airplay play music

Q29: Why Mi Union/ AirPlay / DLNA can not play some video?
A: xiaomi box can support most formats of video playback, but can not do fully support all formats. Note that some of the videos in the list of supported formats, does not comply with the conditions of streaming media, video files not play properly. This is more common in the format conversion software to deal with the resulting video.

Q30: in xiaomi official website to buy OTG cable Can be used for the xiaomi the box?
A: xiaomi net sales OTG cable can not be used for xiaomi box, clear understanding of the product before buying, the purchase of OTG cable adapter for xiaomi box.

Q31: Why can not OTG mobile hard disk?
A: standard USB 2.0 interface, power supply current of 500mA, xiaomi Box OTG function current up to 800mA meet the power demands of the vast majority of mobile hard disk. But on the power consumption of a large number of mobile hard disk in the current market, beyond xiaomi box OTG bear range, these mobile hard disk can not be used. Recommended to ensure that the mobile hard disk can be connected to auxiliary power supply.

Q32: Can I use other USB interface supply xiaomi box? Why the xiaomi box always kept restart?
A: xiaomi box comes with a power adapter output 5V302A with the common adapter (5V301A) is not the same. Please do not use the power adapter for other devices, and do not xiaomi box power cord is plugged directly into the USB port on the other device.

Q33: Why xiaomi box heat?
A: the xiaomi box need the support of strong performance as a feature-rich, for beautiful, dust and many other considerations, xiaomi box is not designed cooling holes, instead of using the natural heat dissipation surface (especially on the surface) would be more heat, It is not recommended is covered with cloth, paper and other adverse cooling the surface of the box. The xiaomi box after a long period of testing us, please rest assured that use.

Q34: which video formats xiaomi box support?
A: xiaomi box support for MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC and other audio formats, support MKV, TS, FLV, AVI, VOB, MOV, WMV, MP4 and other video formats.

Q35: the xiaomi box AV composite cable connector line order?
A: Starting from the top: video, left channel, right channel and ground.

Q36: xiaomi box can be achieved with HDMI and AV output at the same time?
A: Yes, xiaomi box default use both HDMI and AV output.

Q37: the xiaomi box comes with a remote control and the remote control APP What is the difference?
A: both functions much the same. The box comes with a remote control standby wake-up function, remote control APP standby wake-up function.

Q38: for what conditions normal APP xiaomi box using the remote control comes with a remote control ?
A: xiaomi box comes with a remote control uses infrared transmission, you need to point the remote control box; remote control APP only need to keep the phone and the box is in the same network, no need to adjust the phone to point.

Q39: what is the xiaomi box output ratio of the screen?
A: At present, the xiaomi box only support 16:9 ratio output screen, other screen output ratio not supported

Q40: What is xiaomi box warranty policies?
A: same as phone, xiaomi box enjoy returnable 7 days, 15 days replacement, one year warranty service
Jul 1, 2013
Hello I just received a mi box. But I can't open the batterie trap... I dont want to damage using a Tool. Help please
Solved by inserting ongle in back side and then slide the trapp.
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