New Gray tab at the top of the screen when opening any application. | Raphael (Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro)

John Laff

Jan 28, 2020
Device: raphael (Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro)
I was in the stable global before, and yes I did a clean flash (I wipe everything but the system and vendor, then I flashed miui .eu)

Guys, I noticed that it happen in the beta 20.1.21, when I open an app for the first time, shows it this gray tab on top with the name of the app (Pretty ugly by the way) thing that didn't happen before in others versions. However when the app is already open in the background it does not happen. It's possible resolve this? (Remove the gray tab that didn't exist before), or is it a bug and the way is to wait for the next update?

In addition to the screenshot attached to this topic, you can check out a link to a video showing what happened here:
(I recommend pausing the video when I open the play store for you to see the gray tab.)

I also added two logcats to facilitate debugging the bug, in one I open an application for the first time (in which the gray tab appears), and in the other I open an application already open in the background (gray tab does not appear).

I VERY hope that you can help me solve this bug, as it really bothers me.

Gray Tab Bug.jpg


  • logcat (Opening an app for the first time (Gray tab appears) ).txt
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  • logcat (Opening an application already open in the background (Gray tab does not appear) ).txt
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