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  1. julie90


    Jan 8, 2014
    Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi released its third-generation phone today and the Mi-3 has not disappointed – it is packed with hardware features, which have seen it touting itself as the fastest-ever smartphone globally.More details in the 1949deal.

    First impressions: the Mi-3 is extremely slim and light, given that its thickness comes in at a mere 8.1mm and it weighs only 145g. However, the rectangular phone is a bit clunky and a tad flimsy; even more so than Samsung’s (also-plastic) devices. The various colors of the plastic phone are also a bit garish and tend to cheapen it. Well – it is after all a plastic phone, and the design flaws are necessary sacrifices.
    This may be solved in the near future though — Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun took to the stage to promise to create a metal phone the next time.

    In the meantime, the plastic Mi-3 will have to satisfy fans — and at first glance, it will do the job, what with its amazing features. The Mi-3 1080p screen, which is sourced from LG, is extremely responsive and the resolution very clear. As the Mi-3 runs on either Nvidia Tegra 4 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors, its performance is super high-speed. I played a car-racing game on the Mi-3 and was very impressed. The car in my game responded extremely well to how I tilted the phone, and the graphics were very real.

    Xiaomi has also added a so-called “immersion” feature to Mi-3, but that took some getting used to – it seemed to vibrate every time my car moved in the game, though it was supposed to sync with certain highlights of the game.

    Quite a few of us have more than a passing interest in those gorgeous and cheap Xiaomi Mi3 phones, and now we can get a closer look. The full presentation Xiaomi put on for the press in China recently has been uploaded to YouTube, and it's worth a watch.
    Another nifty feature to Mi-3′s screen: even when your fingers are wet, or when you are wearing gloves during the harshest of winters and struggling to use your phone, Xiaomi’s latest screen lets you do so. I tried it wearing gloves, and the screen did respond though you needed to press harder, but the home button would not respond — which makes it a tad inconvenient.

    Sony’s best camera is used in Xiaomi’s latest Mi-3. Compared to the Lumia 1020, Mi-3’s 13-megapixel camera seems a far way off. But it has added certain touches to make its camera more appealing — one of them is that it can automatically beautify your photos by detecting your gender and age (you don’t have to even lift a finger) – before you click the shutter. It made my skin look less patchy in general before I took the photo.

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  2. ckck959


    Dec 28, 2013
    I was impressed by the beautiful phone for several reasons
    Looks like Lumia
    Buttons are not Floating
    Android System
    Rom from Miui
    The weekly updates

    As for the article made them Vaatmany it was made of metal or hard plastic, such as the Nokia Lumia

    Thanks for your report beautiful and terrible
  3. tweetypeety

    Apr 7, 2011
    I got the WCDMA Version and testing it for a review.

    I am not so impressed and compare it all the time to my current MI2s. The camera is good, but the Mi2s can do way better photos with low light, the Mi2s even focuses more often when the Mi3 can't focus because of low light. Nice is the feature that you can focus on the Mi3 manually, but Auto isn't the best.

    Also the screen is really nice, bright and colorful, but a little bit like the Hongmi, yellow. Of course you can set the color to "COLD" and get so a little bit more white, but compare to the Mi2s, the Mi2s is even whiter.

    Speed is awesome, but alle the normal Apps open as fast as on the Mi2s. If you have 1.7Ghz or 2.3Ghz, there isn't much difference.

    Sound is awful, really. I mean the speakers. The position is the worst ever. It is at the bottom of the phone and if you hold it in landscape and play games you hide all the time the speakers and sound is even worst. But even without, the sound is to high, no real bass, more like a local radio. What also bad is that the whole speaker is only left positioned, like the iPhone 5s. If you hold your finger on the right side, nothing changes, if you hold it on the left side the sound is turned nearly mute.

    I also have to say that the WCDMA Version has only a Stable Version, no dev, so a lot of the new Features are missing and I even found some bugs. But Xiaomi will fix it soon and I hope that the Dev Version will come out soon and got all the new Features.

    And one last thing that bugs me is the Launcher. We have the same Launcher like we had on the Mi2. The screen size increased and so everything with it. Big Icons, still 5x4 Launcher, why nothing was adjusted to the bigger screen size. So in Apps you are not even seeing a bigger difference and not seeing much more, although you have a bigger screen and bigger resolution. Hmmm, hopefully they change it with Miui V6.

    So my conclusion till now, still an awesome phone, but if you have an Mi2s and would like to update because of the better hardware, than you won't see a big difference. Camera, Sound, Speed is on the same level as Mi2s. If you need a bigger screen and a way way better battery time than the Mi3 is definitely something for you.

    P.S. made a small Unpack Lego Duplo Style
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  4. hvung1982


    Jul 7, 2013
    Tks for quick review. I think everything you mentioned are trustworthy, for the speakers, like Lumia 800, 900 it seems not best position, but sound system with headphone seems to be much improved as my friend said (he use mi3 TD), also about launcher it is for mi2, mi2s not for mi3, maybe :p

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