Hard bricked MI 8 SE. Does someone (trustworthy) have a Xiaomi Authorized Account?


May 9, 2019
I had Xiaomi.EU MIUI 12 installed for around 2 weeks, and my phone was working perfectly. I was watching a YouTube video and, all of a sudden, it froze, turned off and never turned on again. It was completely dead, no signal when I used the charger, when I connected it to the PC nor when I tried to turn it back on with every possible button combination.
The next day, I opened it up (completely shattered the back of it), disconnected and reconnected the battery, and I was able to get a signal ONLY when I plugged it in my PC. Apparently, I was able to put it in EDL mode.
So, now I need a Xiaomi Authorized Account to be able to reflash the stock ROM, but I can't find no one selling the service (login his/her authorized account on my PC through TeamViewer and allow my phone to reflash the stock ROM only because of the lack of permissions on every other non-authorized account). Does anyone know someone, trustwhorthy, that does that? I'm willing to pay for it, obviously, but I won't do it unless it is someone actual trustworthy. I'm gonna buy an iPhone and it'll become my main phone, but it would be nice to keep my MI 8 SE as a backup phone. If I don't find anyone that can do this, I'll eventually throw it away.
Thanks in advance!
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Aug 17, 2016
I have the same problem and I really need help whoever can help me warns me that I can even pay for it