New Hardbrick ?

Oct 14, 2012
Hello to all...

Today i make download the new MIUI and i install in my GS2, in this steps...

1. i format and install the stock rom I9100XWLPX 4.04
2. make root for this stock rom
3. put the file in the some folder
4. reboot and format cache+dalvik
5. apply the

(and this stpe i think make my disaster)
6. i format to default

later this steps, my GS2 is became a some plastic, so,,, i have a hardbrick ?
Mar 20, 2012
You should be able to boot to recovery.. Hold home, vol up and power.

If that doesn't work you can try getting in download mode by holding home, vol down and power. Then you are able to flash an original Samsung rom.

If this all fails, then search on ebay for an usb jig. With this jig you can boot the phone in download mode.
Mar 20, 2012
Then I don't know what you've done, because hard bricking your SGS2 is not an easy job. Even when you install a faulty rom there's no way you hardbrick it. Maybe something went wrong in your rooting process..

I have been flashing roms on my SGS2 for about a year now. When I got stuck I always managed to return to original state using a jig, a Samsung rom and odin. Your problem is not in any way Miui related..