having all kind of problems with miui

Sep 29, 2012
i used to love miui for my I9500
but lately its causing me hell
i dont which update started it but my BT isnt working at all, once i switch it on and try to connect to any device its crashing
my cell signal goes kaput for a minute and then comes back, and it cycles all over again

same thing happens when i try to use wifi hotspot

i get crashes when watching youtube videos sometimes
i tried starting all over again, flashed a stock rom and then miui after wiping everything of course
and still after a fresh install it happens again
what am i doing wrong ?
maybe its my kernel ?
the only thing thats conssistent is after i flash a stock rom, i flash cwm recovery, does it comes with a kernel that could be not compatible with miui ?
is there a recommended kernel that should work better ?