New Hdr And Slow-motion Doesn't Work


Jul 25, 2017

I have the newest, 7.2.20 MIUI version on my Redmi 4X, and I have some problem with HDR and Slow-Motion when I'm trying to record videos by pre-installed system App.

The problem is, that if i turn on camera (pre-installed system App of course) and I switch to record videos, I can press HDR in the corner to turn it on. And there is the problem - if i press it, my phone freezes completely, I can't do anything but restart it by holding Power Button for more than 5 seconds. Nothing else is possible to do.

Also when I'm turning Slow-Motion mode, and then I press record button, it freezes on first frame and the timer is counting - when u press stop, you can see everything again by your camera, but video is not being recorded - like nothing happened. Anyone knows whats the problem?

If you don't understand what I've said, just ask, because I might have fu**ed up something when explaining the problem. :D I hope you know what I mean. Please help me.