New Hearing aid error (Note 7- Lavender)

Alder Andrés

Jul 7, 2020
I have been in the EU beta for a long time but but the problem is that when playing online you need to activate the microphone and preferably there are people who play with headphones, for example, when connecting headphones to a cell phone to play, nobody listens to me the microphone does not activate and this is the case in all games but if I disconnect the headphones I can speak with the microphone of the cell phone and the speaker, the problem is seen when I connect the headphones that does not seem to have any audio input, that is, the microphone of the headphones does not It works but with the voice match and calls everything works now I realize that in WhatsApp audios it also happens when I have headphones and I record an audio the audio comes out in silence.


May 22, 2020
If it was the biggest problem. If it's just about online gaming, it's ok. Besides this, microphone works well?
If it was an ear error, I would understand better. Because I know for sure where to find the best hearing aid on the market to solve hearing loss if you can't hear well. I was looking for a Christmas gift, last week for my grandparents who have hearing loss. Their uncomfortable hearing aids cause them harm behind the ears. They will be excited because of such gift.
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