Heavily battery drain

Jul 9, 2013
Hi there, sorry if there is a thread about this already but i couldnt really find it. But i am suffering from a heavily battery drain since day one of my mi2s. Currently i am running the latest 3.8.16 multilang, the only apps i use are whatsapp and facebook during the day and my screenbrightness is set on automatic, my email is on push automatic. For all other apps every sync is turned off and i dont play games on the phone. Now i recently bought the 3000mAh battery but it doenst improve much. I disconnect the phone from the charger around 7 o clock in the morning and by only using whatsapp and facebook a few calls and some wifi during the evening the battery is empty around 8 o clock in the evening. Can someone tell me why or have a solution for this, cause with the 3000mAh battery i was expecting to do way much longer with the phone. Thanks in advance