New Help! Android Auto assistant voice commands not working.


Dec 1, 2020
Hi everyone,

My Android Auto Assistant replies with "not sure how to help with..." to the great majority of my voice commands. Yet, Google Assistant works flawlessly on my phone and will answer everything. I've already written a post on r/AndroidAuto -- but no one knows what's causing this bug...

I'm really at the end of my tether here... I've tried everything -- clearing cache, uninstalling & reinstalling Google / AA, different USB cable. Nothing works! Yet, on a stock global Xiaomi phone the AA and Assistant voice commands works perfectly. Which leads me to believe that the issue is with's ROM.

Phone: Xiaomi Mi 10 (umi) on latest weekly (21.11.3)

Fixes tried:
- Updating my car's touchscreen firmware to the latest
- Uninstalling Google app updates to stock version + clearing cache / data
- Rolling back AA app to a working earlier version
- Different USB-C cable
- Stock global ROM Xiaomi phonw

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

UPDATE:Under 'My activity' in my Google account, all of my voice requests from AA seem to be pushed through 'Search' instead of 'Assistant'. This means the following voice commands seem to work:

- What time is it
- Where am I
- What's the weather


Jan 12, 2022
Hello! I have a similar problem with my Mi11Pro with 12.5.20 stable and 13.0.5 stable: Android Auto in my car (Alfa Stelvio 2019) works fine, but the voice commands do not lead for example to the navigation start. When I say "hey google", then "navigate to XXX" all my words are recognized correctly (and are shown in the car disply) but finally only a "pling" can be heared and nothing happens. Questions to "how is the weather" (or simalar) are correctly answered. Only the navigation commands do not work. Writing messages (whatsapp) via voice command also work but sometimes I hear the confirmation tone (pling) two times. Is there any fight between Android Auto Navigation and the Assistant or Driving mode? Played with switching the driving mode on and off didn't help.

I am writing here, because with my old Mix 2s with last everthing went fine.


Jun 11, 2020
I can't help but be worried that nobody outside Google can help with such specific issues.


Jan 12, 2022
strange... sometimes I got no answer to the question "navigate to XXX" and get only a confirmation "pling". When I ask, "hey google, XXX" (wirthout "navigate"), then two answers to my voice command accur: first "I can not find any results to your question" (or similar, translated from german" and then "I found one destination with adress XXX". Seems that first the "google search" answers and then the "android auto map navigation" answers. Oh google, what is going on here? seems like internal fight between google-assistant and android-auto (or maps).
This is anoying...