New HELP! App keeps resetting upon screen off and back on


Mar 14, 2023
Every app I use keeps resetting/restarting by itself even when in the foreground, when the screen turns off and then back on again.
Battery saver is disabled, both as a general setting and as app specific for all apps I use daily.
I've already gone into Developer options and set "Standard Limit" for the background processes.

This is infuriating and I am seriously considering getting rid of this phone and be done with Xiaomi for good.
It is not too much to ask from a smartphone to be able to handle 1 app and not reset it every time the screen turns off.
Example: I open Google Maps or Petal Maps (for gps navigation). Set my route, everything is fine, I turn off my screen, then turn it back on again, all is lost, the route, everything, its almost like the app is restarting, but I dont actually see it loading anything, it is running in the background, it was not killed.

This issue begun after the 1st update on my Redmi Note 11. I am on stable MIUI Global official. Phone is locked and everything is stock completely, no root.


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Apr 22, 2021
You are not on the Xiaomi website, but on the custom ROM forum. If you bought a device with 4GB RAM, it's your fault.
Check these settings:
- app Security / gear on the top right
- boost speed / lock apps / lock the desired app in RAM
- clear cache when device is locked / never
- app Security / battery / gear on the top right
- turn off mobile data when device is locked / Never
- clear cache when device is locked / Never

You are using an official ROM, solve your problem on the Xiaomi site.
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