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Oct 31, 2011
I've been working on a new MIUI Stats. This first version is the APK, with just a different URL for the POST responses to be sent. The original methods were all dealing in Python or something. Its just not what I like.

I remade the backend, and a bit of the APK to allow us to use these stats for more creative purposes. Using php and mysql. We can create charts and graphs and what not. It also is very scalable, and has been tested up to 100k records with little latency.

I have NOT pulled any more data then before. This is the same non-personal information pulled. (Version, Language, Phone type, hashed version of mac address to make unique hash)

The current test page is http://stats.miuiandroid.com However, don't look at it. Its just print_r() of 1 hour cached versions of the stats. I just want to quickly test with a variety of phones and carriers to see if my data storage is working correctly. Then I'll make a ***y looking design using the stats.

I would appreciate any help.

Download: http://miui.connortumbleson.com/miui/other/apk/MIUIStats.apk


  1. Uninstall current APP (Use adb uninstall com.cyanogenmod.stats; )
  2. Reinstall new app (adb install MIUIStats.apk)
  3. * OPTIONAL (run adb shell)
  4. then rm /data/data/com.cyanogenmod.stats/shared_prefs/CMStats.xml (deletes cached preferences so your phone will re-hit the stat URL.
  5. Thanks
For anyone interested. It is a multi table design. One table is loaded into memory (HEAP), and recieves all the incoming POST requests. It then stores them until either 20 requests are in the table or 10 minutes have past. It then dumps those into the "frozen" table which contains all the phones and tabulates the stats as its added in.

The app is included. Thanks


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Oct 31, 2011
Working on MIUIStats v2

Main thing to notice

  • We pull Android Version now
  • Helps use create chart of GB vs ICS usage
  • We pull language now
  • So we can create a graph much like where people live, except what language they speak.

An entire re-factored web based script. It has the small jQuery mobile version for the mobile phones, but the big suprise is a non-mobile version where Google Graphs API helps format a multitude of things.

However, device detection for mobile vs not sucks, and I'm still building in support for both versions. So users that don't upgrade MIUI won't communicate stats to a broken interface. I have to be able to handle both requests.
Oct 15, 2011
I already have Miui stats installed and enabled, although I didn't install it. Is it included in the rom?

Edit: I mean do I need to install the app from this thread or is the one I have the same.

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