[ Help] Bootloop; No Recovery Or Fastboot Options

Feb 18, 2015
Hey guys,

I have this huge problem with my mi2s. I really hope anyone can help me out.

Al of a sudden it has shut itsself down and now it's in a bootloop.
A flashing MI logo which won't go away, not even after removing the battry. When I insert the battery it immediately starts booting again.

The battery is empty now, so it won't boot at the moment, but when I charge the phone the red light starts blinking for a few seconds. Then it stops charging. When I press the power button while the phone is connected to the power the bootloop starts over again. My pc won't recognize the phone either.

I allready found some topics about simmilar problem. They talk about recovery or fast boot, but this doesn't work.

When I hold the down + power button the fast boot logo starts flashing, but nothing happens. When I release the button the MI logo pops up again.

Any idea what to do? Is there any hope?

Thank a lot
Aug 21, 2017
The phone is in such a short bootloop that i can't really do anything. No fastboot, no adb, no downlaod mode/ edl possible. Similarly the computer can't see the phone for long enough to do anything
Aug 22, 2015
i dont have the skills you need.. maybe you can try in some other forum with more activity like xda, ******* rom forum.

hope you can solve it, or get a nice cupon for a new model ^^"
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