[Help] Bootloop - Stuck on MI logo and Can't Get into Recovery

Sep 1, 2013
I was using an app called Backup Text for Whats to export my chat history, and while it was exporting it suddenly started bootloop.

It is now stuck on the MI logo, or more precisely it is keep showing black screen (should be screen off, totally dark) and the MI logo alternatively.

I tried removing the battery for a few minutes but once I plugged the battery back, without hitting the power button, the same thing happened again, keep flashing the MI logo.

I tried entering the recovery mode by hitting the volume up button but it just didn't work.

What can I do? Please help.

P.S. I was using WIUI 4.4 but I don't think it is related.
Feb 18, 2015
Hello guys,

It's a very old thread, but maby someone reads this anyway. you never know ;)

I have the same problem as above: A flashing MI logo which won't go away, not even after removing the battry.
When I hold the down + power button the fast boot logo starts flashing, but nothing happens. When I release the button the MI logo pops up again.

Any idea what to do?
Thnks a lot