Help! Cant boot!!


Feb 12, 2012
Hi, i have problem.
I am using the latest MIUI version and here is my problem:
I noticed that i have 4 desktop and i am usually using only 3 so i tried to delete the forth one the the launcher went to not responding, so after that i locked and unlocked the phone and tried again. Again the same thing. So i just rebooted, and it stays on the boot screen like 10 minutes. So i enter into recovery and delete the cache (not that it will chabge anything) and i thought i should format one by one the things till it get booted and flash MIUI again. So i wiped the boot screen and deleted the cache. After that when i turn on the phone i only have the samsung logo: GALAXY S under it GT-I9000 and samsung . This logo stays like 20 min now and nothing happens. I took out the battery and tried to enter recovery and nothing happend still the samsung logo. Tried to enter the download mode and it enters with no problem.
Anyone any ideas? Is there a way to fix my phone without losing my data like apps and settings?


Feb 15, 2012
go into recovery and backup 1st place copy every thing in folder nd put on your pc
then format sd card wipe everything reflash the correct partition nd flash again then copy every thing on sd card nad restore from recovery advance restore only