[help]it Has Been Tortured, From 8 To Second Days And 10 Days.

Mar 20, 2016
I put my mi3 brush cm13, girlfriend would also like to want to change, she use mi 2 I think no problem, after all processes have been tossing several times the is open, start not found to have the right cm12. So the official website to download the 2015.11 updated cm11, download the website corresponds to the version of the recovery. The results began to collapse, after brushing card has been cm11 turn head interface, no change in 20 minutes.

Then no way, only wire brush MIUI development version 6.3 and system partition merging, just search to millet 2 adaptation of cm12, download, autumn with a large version of the rec, here ask about, I brush rec is through FastBoot then the computer terminal with CMD command FastBoot erase recovery and FastBoot flash recovery recovery do not know so brush rec has no problem, later brush cm12 met a question prompt mount'/persist'wipe erase, the search that loss is that? Jar was also asked, but no answer, finally find foreign MIUI forum to find cm various attempts or failure, I have is in accordance with requirements do every step of the way, because no img wire brush my bag is card brush way, trying to ADB saiload import. The final failure, then the line brush MIUI development version, my steps are to do post writing

1 .brush rec, and rec three

2 .install ROM cm12 this step is also no problem to show the OK, and then continue to brush into the gapps,

3 .restart, and then card cm avatar interface, has been turned to turn ah turn,I can only wait for the

4 .N long brush back MIUI

So I from yesterday evening 8 o'clock has been frustrating to the next day more than 10 points, I also with him just, engage in a night, finally because female friend going out today so can finally give her brush back MIUI version 6.3, but finally cheap hand to brush her into gapps, then card meters boot interface, fortunately, after a while, I'm ready to brush a when, unexpectedly again into the. At noon, slept for a while, but now the head is really have dizzy spells, bored, not understand. You want to know why people can brush success, why I will not

For God who answered ? !!