Help setup the MI router mini

Jun 21, 2014
Hello Amir,

An English version is not yet available.
But, Hugo Barra, Xiaomi's VP, have said that the UI for the two routers will be available in English very soon.
We just do not know how much "soon" is :D

But, in order to make it usable, I advise you to use Google Chrome browser, and it automatic translate function.
So, you will need internet access while using the Mi Router mini.

How to achieve this?
Connect the Mi Router mini via the Ethernet port to your PC and maintain a Wi-fi connection to a router that has internet access.

Then, on the Chrome browser, type "" on the address bar.
This will show the configuration page of the router.
Then, just click on the icon on the right of the address bar, this will ask you if you want this page to be translated, and from to what language.

If you have any further doubts, just ask :)
Jun 21, 2014
I have purchased Mi portable wifi Ultramini wireless router. I get Drivers also. but i am not able to get the internet access on my smartphone. What i have to do. Please help me
To clarify: are you talking about the:
- USB dongle that sends Wifi to other devices; or
- Mi Router Youth Edition?

The USB dongle has to be inserted on your computer with internet access, install the Widows application, this will install the drivers and the Wifi will be sent out.

The Mi Router Youth Edition has be connected through its WAN port to a LAN port of a modem or ISP's original router and configured first using a computer.
Than, and only than, you should connect your smartphone.
Jun 21, 2014
USB dongle only. In computer it is showing device connected, but in phone there is no internet access.
You can install the Chinese or English version.

For Chinese:
Download both apps on the bottom.
Left one is for Windwos, right one is for Android.

In English: (Windows) (Windows) (Android & Windows)