Hong Kong Version of MIUI for 2s

Mar 27, 2013
Hey fellow Miui'lers

I am using now my Xiaomi for 3 months and as part of (another) annoying repair I have been today at the Xiaomi Fan Club in Beijing Wangjing district. I am still unsatisfied with my M2 as I could not get my money back, however I found something out that is new to me and might be interesting for you, if you don't know it yet:

There exists a Hong Kong version of the original MIUI ROM. The difference is, that it already has Google Talk, Maps and also Google Chrome installed, both I saw with my own eyes. Possibly also the play store and many other features. Rest looked almost the same. Engineers said it is only for 2s, however, for a short time it was also on my device which is only a m2. Why they removed it afterwards I have no idea. But this could maybe a valuable information for future ROM release. No need for extra packages of Google Apps and remove of the unneccessary crap.

Have you heard of this, maybe it is no news for you at all.?


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Aug 20, 2011
? We have already all this in miuiandroid roms since last year. Just install miuiandroid.

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