Hongmi is compatible with SDXC 64GB

Apr 19, 2014
Hello ...
I can confirm that the Hongmi can safely withstand 64GB SDXC cards ...But not abruptly at the output of blister .. You will receive the message " card damaged ". And the Hongmi is unable to format that capacity.
My personal example :I bought a 64GB SANDISK Ultra microSDXC UHS1 .
Unlike SDHC cards up to 32GB that are delivered preformatted in FAT32 , the SDXC 64GB cards are delivered formatted in exFAT, due to an unjustified limitation from Microsoft at 32GB for FAT32.
And the Hongmi exclusively supports the FAT32 files system.
In fact there is no objection to format FAT32 microSD larger than 32GB capacity .. The small program " GUI FAT32 Format " executable " guiformat.exe " under windows , which can easily been downloaded everywhere will only spend a few seconds to format your 64GB SDXC card from exFAT to FAT32 .
Insert your new card in a recent µSD reader , launch "guiformat" , leave the default value of " allocation unit size " to 32768 ( this is not the capacity card format , but the sector size ) point to the letter of the card to be formatted if it is not already the case , leave checked " quick Format" and click "start" ...It's over ...
In a few seconds your SDXC 64GB is formatted in FAT32 , and then fully recognized in its full capacity ( 63.83 GB ) by the Hongmi . All works fine .... Be careful therefore, even if the Hongmi can easily read movies in full HD , the file size is limited to 4GB by the FAT32 file system ...
This contribution is probably accurate for a lot of other Android phones with 32GB limitation ...I hope it will help you to extend your strorage capacity ...
Best regards