[hongmi] Question on how to switch from china miui version to multilang version


Mar 21, 2014
Need help here,
My hongmi's miui version is MIUI-JHBCNBA13.0 and I'm thinking to switch over to the multilang version so that i'll have a cleaner version (exclude all unnecessary chinese apps) and lower usage of ram.
Currently it uses around 500ish mb (after killing those running apps with the task manager), is it normal? cus I noticed that, normally, it uses a lot of ram when I just used it on a normal usage such as browsing, messaging (whatsapp), path, gallery, etc (no gaming apps, and the ram usage can went up to around 900is mb).

Hence, the question is, do I need to flash it to multilang version through this method (http://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/xiaomi-hongmi-td-wcdma-cwm-root-guide.22095/) or can I just use the updater app? using this rom (http://celogeek.miuiandroid.com/hongmi/miuiandroid_multi_HM2013023_WCDMA_JHBCNAL5.0_jb-4.2.zip)