Hopes and dreams for MIUI


Mar 21, 2011
There is currently one function of the MIUI 1.4.1 release that I like the look of but that I think lacks functionality: the lockscreen notifications. When I go to check my new messages I like to look at the preview first to check whether or not I need to reply to them - the new message previews look fantastic but... they only last while the lockscreen stays in place - if you accidentally begin to drag the lockscreen down, the notifications go away. After that, you can't check the previews again, so must unlock to check out the messages. My current hopes and dreams are for those notifications to stay put even if the lockscreen is dragged down (perhaps displayed at the top of the screen since it's easier to read things that aren't directly above my thumb) and to come back if the phone hasn't yet been unlocked.

Thanks MIUI-dev and miui.cn for all the extraordinary work you put into the ROM! I love the new phone dialer and in-call UI you put together! The white dialer is very chic. Anyway, the list of likes goes on forever - Thanks!


Feb 18, 2011
+1 for this; unfortunately, not much can be done about it from the talented developers on this forum, since there is no source code. Maybe a feature request to the Chinese developers?


Mar 29, 2011
I agree with the above.

Also but not as important is it possible to get 720p HD with manual focus?

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