HTC How do I change the language in my HTC Desire HD to English?

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by whoriee, May 30, 2011.

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    My mother bought me a phone from South Korea and the default language was Korean. At first, I managed to change it to English but then I accidentally rebooted it. All the apps were gone and I can't change it to English again; whenever I go to the language settings, something in Korean pops up saying "Failed. Please try again."

    Another problem is, the on screen keyboard no longer exists. I also can't fix it because the settings for the keyboard goes with the language settings. I can't send any SMS except for smileys. What should I do? Please help.
  2. roniez

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    I suggest u root it and then flash miui and the English language pack.. come back when thatbis done.

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    Use unrevoke tool sooo easy to root your phone with it. Then download miui rom downloader over market place not need to comeback here.

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