How do I get data off of my phone that just wiped itself.


May 10, 2022
My Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro just factory reset itself. First it rebooted itself and removed all my apps. I thought that something might have not loaded properly because I have had wierd issues in the past so I rebooted it again. After the reboot it took me to the setup language selection screen that you'd get on a fresh system install. If I try to just do the setup steps I notice that it automatically connects to my network but after the network connect screen it just loads forever.
When I try to connect it to the PC it does not ask me if I want to share files. When I'm in this infinite loading screen I can still open the Control Center at the top and even open settings. Using backup settings completely crashes the settings app and developer options are disabled beacuse "Developer options aren't available for this user". I don't think the phone fully wiped itself because e.g. it still remembered my password and when I go into settings it says that about 40gbs of space are being used up.
I don't care about having the phone 100% working. I only need to get all the remaining data off of it. Can somebody please help me get the data off of my phone? Has somebody come across a similar issue?