How to add Shortcut to desktom in MIUI 4.2.14?

Feb 11, 2014
Well ,there was a way to add any shortcut to the desktop in Miui before, but I cannot find the option with new home screen editor.

It used to be according to

1. Long press on empty space on your home screen to activate desktop edit mode
2. Now instead of finding shortcuts option in widgets, press the menu button
3. Press "Add" on top of the menu options
4. You will see different sortcut options/settings/actions depending the applications you have installed.
5. click on shortcut of your choice and its DONE.

But I cannot find it now. Is it a bug this was ommited?


Scripting Ninja
Staff member
Aug 20, 2011
Shortcut of what? Now you have toggles or settings shortcuts under Widgets in edit mode.

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