How To Delete Emails From Contact List - Show Only Phone Numers?


Nov 2, 2016

I have redmi 3s with Android 6.0.1, and MIUI version, and I have problem with contacts list.
On contact list I have 2 options:
1. Last - this is list with last calls
2. Contacts - this is list with phone numbers ( 85 contact number now ) - on right side is alphabet, where I can chose letter.
It is ok, but if chose Contacts and I tap "search contact" and i start write e.g. "Jon", contact list show mi 100 result ! It take all my contact from SIM card, and e-mails with "*jon@" from google account.

How to disable search words in google account, and show only phone numbers ?

In Settings -> System apps -> Contacts -> Dispaly preferences
i checked "Hide incomplete numbers" but it doesn't work. Is there any options for emails ?