How To Downgrade Rom Version Easily?


Apr 15, 2014
I'm really pissed with the latest version, it keeps locking my screen randomly with increasing frequency, apps are slow and the battery drains really fast.

I have opened another thread and sent error reports to Xiaomi but nobody seems to be interested in solving this. This is not the performance I expect from a phone in this price range, I feel like I'm being left on my own with an unusable phone.

The first weeks before this update everything was fine so I want to go back to the old version until there is a stable one out. But the updater won't let me do this and I don't want to delete everything I have on my phone nor go into rooting and doing other stuff that I shouldn't be expected to do.

I have been a Xiaomi supporter for a long time with several but this is making me lose my patience.

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Apr 16, 2016
Yes, my friend, you're right. Have the same problem with downgrade to the previous version:( they blocked this function. And now I have to unlock bootloader after that I can downgrade MIUI via Fastboot by MiFlash:mad: bull s**t!!!

ver. 9.2..2.0 - s**t!!!:mad:
I don't understand why they removed previous old roms for Fastboot from
there is only :confused: