How to enable usb debugging?

Jan 2, 2015
Hello, I'm actually having trouble connecting the mibox to snappea. The laptop does recognize the mibox but snappea says I should enable usb debugging. I enabled the following features but it does not seem to be enough.

Can someone give me detailed instructions on where to find developer options to enable usb debugging? I don't read Chinese. I have the latest version of mibox ui.

Jul 1, 2014
I found the answer to the USB bugging. It is called something else :)
  1. ADB debug mode
This is taken from another thread ( Thanks to badmothergoose)

Recap of the settings accessible through the xiaomi launcher

1) parameters (left icon of last screen)
first icon (top left) : Wifi connection
you can set wifi connectivity and test the quality of your connection (no risk of playin around)
second icon (top middle) : Screen
you can set the screen resolution and screen zoom (no risk of playin around. if you change the resolution, it will test it and ask you for confirmation, just like in windows)
third icon (top right): Account and Safety
  1. installation of unknown sources (also accessible via android settings)
  2. ADB debug mode
  3. xiaomi account
fourth icon (bottom left): settings
  1. screensaver: after 4/8/12/disable minutes ->needs to be disabled because it does not notice activity by non xiaomi apps and thus the screensaver kicks in over your movie played by xbmc
  2. screensaver photo album
  3. Sleeping : after 30/60/90/120/disable minutes ->this will put the device to sleep if unused. no need to disable
  4. Input method -> input method can also be accessed through android settings. I don't know if it is different.
  5. HDMI CEC -> this will link your box to your tv remote through hdmi. needs a compatible tv
  6. Child Lock -> set an unlock pattern with the remote
  7. Weather
  8. Device name -> set a device name to be displayed
fifth icon (bottom middle): Update
update to latest firmware. it is unclear if updating a rooted box will remove root.
sixth icon (bottom right): About
you can reboot the box, but probably also reset it. beware...
2) play settings (right icon of last screen)
  1. definition: automatic / priority to definition / priority to fluidity
  2. proportions : automatic / forced fullscreen
  3. Hide notification bar : y / n -> set to yes it messes up full-screen apps like chrome because you cannot access the location field anymore
  4. show barrage : y / n (????)
  5. dynamic range compression : y / n
  6. digital audio output : pcm
  7. spdif : y / n
  8. automatic matching subtitles : y / n
  9. show playback progress : y / n