[HOW TO] Make logcat with adb

Jul 22, 2012
Logcats are the most useful thing you can provide to the developers to solve almost any problem you have with the system.

A lot of users can't make logcat and a lot don't even know what is it.

Logcat: every single action happen in the phone, will be listed in the logcat.

How to make it:

In the phone:
1- Go to settings -> Full settings -> Developer options.

2- Activate Developer options, click ok.

3- Activate USB debugging, click ok.

4- When connected to USB it must be like the pic.

6- Now to PC.

In the PC:
1- Download ADB from here.

2- Extract it to an easy to access place like desktop.

3- Connect your phone to the PC with USB cable.

4- Start "Make log.bat" in the ADB folder.

5- Recreate the bug, if the bug is, camera FC on start. then start the camera to make it FC

6- After making the bug happen, close the "Make log.bat".

7- in adb folder there will be new file called "Log.txt", this is the log you have to upload it to the bug forum.

Where to upload:
1- miuiandroid Logcat page
2- mediafire.com
3- Dropbox.com
4- box.com
5- Skydrive
6- Google drive
7- anywhere you like, don't use adf.ly or any other stupid link ads

P.S. You may need to install the drivers for your phone, Nexus phones have the drivers with android SDK, Samsung phones may have to install Samsung Kies app and so for your device.

If you have anything to ask or you feel something isn't working, ...ets
feel free to ask.

Attention please:
Some of you reported the file isn't working, and they solve it by replacing my adb file with a new file from Android SDK.
So, if the app didn't work, please download the Android SDK and replace adb.exe from my file, with the adb.exe from the new SDK.
download link: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

Good luck everyone


Jan 26, 2013
Sorry for bombing this forum with my noobness... I found a really annoying bug in MIUIv5 but I can't make a logcat because I can't find the drivers for my Xiaomi MI-2.
I've downloaded the Setup.exe that's supposed to be on your phone, and if I click the green button (in chinese) it installs an adb driver, but still the "MI-2" device has no driver.

ADB does not find my device. If I try "adb devices" I simply get an empty list of devices (and yes, it's enabled under developers options).
Does anyone know where to find the correct drivers for the Xiaomi MI2? Thanks in advance.
Jul 22, 2012
Try to uninstall the drivers, then reboot the phone and the PC.
after that you may try another USB port to re-install them, if you still have the same problem, please try another PC
and if it worked, you'll need to fix your OS.
Jan 26, 2013
I managed to get it working. Not by reinstalling the drivers, but apparently MiFlash contains the drivers you need, but not the driver package itself.
Installing MiFlash fixed the issue, but not entirely. I also had to download adb using the android sdk itself, the provided adb showed my device as offline.
Feb 19, 2013
Here's how to do it on Mac OS X
  1. Change Developer settings in your phone to USB Debug
  2. Download and unzip adb-fastboot-install from http://code.google.com/p/adb-fastboot-install/downloads/list
  3. Open Terminal, drag & drop the file ADB-Install-Mac.sh to install adb
  4. Close and open a new terminal
  5. Connect phone with USB
  6. In terminal execute the command:
    adb logcat *:I | tee -a ~/Desktop/logcat.txt
    Where | tee makes it possible to display the live output in the console while logging to a textfile at the same time. Where -a appends logcat.txt if it already exists. And where *:I is the error level:
    V — Verbose (lowest priority)
    D — Debug
    I — Info (default priority)
    W — Warning
    E — Error
    F — Fatal
    S — Silent (highest priority, on which nothing is ever printed)
  7. Ctrl+C in terminal to stop logging
  8. Your logcat.txt is on your desktop
Oct 11, 2013
i did evrything but i have a lot prob
nothing work
1-i cant in to my internal storage in my pc
plz help

sorry for the bad ENG

my phone is miui 1+
androide v:4.0.1