How to move / migrate dual WhatsApp from Samsung to Xiaomi?

andreas dvorjak

Aug 28, 2022

I want to transfer two WhatsApp accounts (personal and work – each tied to a separate phone number) from my old Samsung S9 to the new Xiaomi 12 (MIUI 13) along with backed up chats and media. Samsung had the Dual Messengers feature which worked great.

With the first account, the transfer went smoothly:
- On Samsung I made a backup of the first WhatsApp account to my first Google account on Google Drive
- Installed WhatsApp on Xiaomi
- Restored data on primary WhatsApp from Google Drive without a problem

Not so good with the second account:
- On the old phone I made a backup of the second WhatsApp account to the second Google account on Google Drive
- Created dual WhatsApp on Xiaomi
- During the initial initialization, the dual WhatsApp on Xiaomi prompted me to restore from the first (!) Google account. I have a second Google account on the phone, but it is impossible to select it to restore data in dual WhatsApp itself.

I tried to set the second Google account as the main in Google Play, but it did not help. Maybe there are other places in MIUI 13 where I need to change the first Google account to the second?

What else can be done? How can I restore data to dual WhatsApp from the second Google account? Maybe I can transfer the data manually? (Though it is not clear where the data of the dual WhatsApp in Samsung is located and where it should be put in dual WhatsApp in Xiaomi).

Thank you all for your help!