How to return to the Global Rom (Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite - gauguin)?


Nov 30, 2018
Hello people!
Two years ago I bought my Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite - gauguin and immediately installed the .eu rom.
Today for various reasons (the device is now EOL...i'm facing several problems caused by safetynet...and above all, last but not least, it is very likely that I will soon sell this device to buy a new one ...), I would like to go back to the global rom and close the bootloader again but I'm quite worried about the procedure and above all about the possibility of bricking the device.
For this reason, I wanted to confirm the correctness and safety of the procedure before proceeding, since I have several doubts and questions to ask.

1) First of all, I think I understand that to avoid bricking the device, it is essential to identify the correct stock rom to flash.
About that, I'm actually not sure if the device arrived with a Global, EEA, or Italian (if it exists) rom installed.
Is there any difference then in the stock rom to choose?
I think I should use the Mi 10T Lite Latest Global Stable Version Fastboot File (located at this link:
Can anyone confirm that this is correct?

2) After downloading the rom, it should be sufficient to install it with MiFlash by connecting the device to the PC via fastboot and ticking "clean all and lock".
Can anyone confirm that this is correct?

3) Are there any further preliminary operations to do (for example deactivating security sequence or fingerprint... or exiting Mi account.. or whatever)?

Can I be safe using this procedure?
Thanks in advance for the help.