How To Root The Mi Note (virgo) On Marshmallow (6.2.18, 6.2.4...)

Jan 31, 2016
Inspired by a great comment by @AdamFromHeaven, I wanted to create a complete tutorial to show you how to root your Mi note using a Marshmallow ROM (from Sorry for my novice english :)

Here is the my best way to root easily your Mi Note phone and preserve your recovery and all your data.

I did not invent anything, I just use fastboot but with files that works for Mi Note marshmallow (and it can be available for any other smartphone, just change TWRP image) :

1. First, be sure to have android drivers for your Mi note. You will need it to use fastboot or adb...
  • Personally, I use PDANet driver for windows. plug your device and install it, if it fail, restart your computer using "Disable driver signature enforcement" explained here.
  • Or use Mi PC Suite
2. Don't forget to have USB Debugging in Developer options (you know how to do it ;))

3. Next, reboot your phone in fastboot (power +volume down pressed).
4. Now, you have to download the last version of SuperSU, and a special version of TWRP for Mi note :
5. Put the SuperSu zip in your device (/sdcard/ for example, somewhere accessible with twrp)

6. FINALLY, you have all to root your device !
  • I recommend you to put the fastboot/adb mini unzipped in the top of the c: directory, just to be more easier to access, like c:\adb
  • put TWRP img next to adb and fastboot file (like in my example in c:\adb)
  • Run a command promt :
cd c:\adb
fastboot devices
  • If you see a number with fastboot like "12345678 fastboot", your smartphone is recognize and in fastboot mode. You can do the next step :
fastboot boot twrp-virgo.img

7. Your Mi note will reboot with TWRP started (and not installed).
  • Touch "Install" and select the SuperSu zip to flash
  • Swipe to install...
  • For me, it was installed without any error
  • BE ATTENTIVE, for any reason, after installing the zip, twrp will you recommend to install their SuperSu, don't do it !! Don't swipe it !! Select the middle button to ignore it, it's an automated function, which is useless and you will need to re-flash your ROM and re root it... (or worst)
  • reboot your device
  • After reboot, I do not remember but if there is no SuperSu app displayed, just install it from the playstore. Run it. It can ask you to update SuperSu, update it choosing NORMAL mode and Reboot :)
8. Your Mi note is rooted !! Proof :

(you can read virgo, 6.0.1 and supersu request in the same picture hehehe)​

I uploaded all of this files in my own website, and will keep it online for a long time I swear (no viruses guaranteed but you have to trust me lol.

About Marshmallow for Mi note, I made a little performance test article by comparing KitKat and Marshmallow version of Mi Note here : :D
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Feb 10, 2016
Hello....thanks for guide...there are problem with marshmallow on Mi note? Bootloader of 6.2.4 is locked? Sorry but i don't know French to read your linked a good thing update from 5.12.17 or no?
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Jan 31, 2016
Something about bootloader and problem on marshmallow
Hi, sorry, wrong file in my post, i change it, I forgot the fastboot.exe file. Here is :

Secondly, in command promt, locate to the directory you put the folder adb/. Use the command "cd". Here is an example where i put my folder unziped in Download\ :
cd c:\users\myusername\Downloads\adb
Next, after you move twrp-virgo inside adb\ folder, do fastboot devices to check if your smartphone is detected, and fastboot push xxxx :
Jan 31, 2016
Hello....thanks for guide...there are problem with marshmallow on Mi note? Bootloader of 6.2.4 is locked? Sorry but i don't know French to read your linked a good thing update from 5.12.17 or no?
Hi, clearly :
  • there is no major problem with marshmallow (only little bugs like ring level, little battery drain, my mi band isn't vibrating while waking alert).
  • Bootloader will not be locked it's OK for that !
  • Upgrading from 5.12.17 is OK as it is said in the ROM DOWNLOAD page (post 2), marshmallow as better 3D/UX performance, and animations or more smooths.
But you have to know that I never could go back to 5.12.17 in my case, even with full wipe. But clearly, you will find no others functionalities in marshmallow version you have already. Wait if for you it's ok, but there is no problem doing it !
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