HTC Desire - MIUI Bugs and Feature requests


Jun 1, 2011
Hey guys (and especially Mark).

I've been using MIUI for some months now, and I love it! However, there are some bugs.
I'm not a mastermind programmer, but I'm a super user who likes to give feedback, to show my appreciation and support of a product.


- Notifications doesn't make the phone vibrate.

- Phone reboots if screen is on, while charger is being disconnected. If the charger is switched off while the screen is off, and then disconnected - no problem.

- Sometimes the unlock pattern is way off center. I suspect this is when it goes to sleep mode while in landscape mode, but I am not certain.

Example: Bug report/20110528_180113.jpg

- The dialer:
- If when looking for people with æ, ä, ø, ö or å in their name, the dialer should look them up when the user presses 2 (æ, ä, å) and 6 (ø and ö). Currently it can't find anything.

- Number not recognised; examples:

Notice the top number; +455190... Bug report/20110530_164917.jpg

if I look it up by typing the first three numbers 519, I can see my mate Benjamin is registered with the number. Bug report/20110530_164938.jpg

If I type 5190, however, he disappears. Bug report/20110601_011647.jpg

But I, of course, can find him just fine by typing 'Benja'. Bug report/20110530_164922.jpg

- The app Nummeruglen (Danish) doesn't work in MIUI. Whenever a call is incoming, or an SMS, the app looks up the phone number and displays the name and address for the person calling or texting. (their email support is absolute rubbish, thought you guys might have a clue).

- Everytime I update MIUI the phone loses the ability to see my SD. This has to be corrected via the command prompt on my PC and afterwards I have to reinstall the A2SD feature via the terminal emulator.

Feature requests:

- A checkbox for 'Always do this' when allowing or denying an app permissions. (this would of course require a setting in the App Management, where you could change this back)

- Option to set a timer for how long the phone should be idle before pattern lock is applied.

- Support for foreign phone number formats. E.g. US is 555-555-5555 - Denmark is 55 55 55 55. A setting for changing this would be awesome.

- A launcher setting for disabling moving to different workspaces by pressing the scrollbar just above the dock.

- A neater settings layout. Redundant options bothers me. Alternative fix; make it possible for the user to choose what is in the Common tab.

- A setting for making the battery indicator, when using the top-bar style, go from left-to-right, instead of right-to-left.

- A setting for the placement of new apps. Currently a newly downloaded app will make a new workspace, if the last slot in the previous workspace isn't vacant - even though a lot of space might be available in other workspaces.

Thanks for your time,


Jun 1, 2011
When I open Camera, it warning Force Close.
I restart device but it still so

I'm using MIUI 1.5.27 + English Pack


May 23, 2011
I have a PIN number to unlock my Desire, and it happened to me that it got way off center, and the numbers to unlock where off screen, so I had to remove the battery to be able to use it.


Jun 1, 2011
How can I get these feature requests to Mark?

The one with the setting for disabling the scrollbar in the workspaces are getting more and more important for me.

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