New HTC One S - 3.5.17 - Weird graphical glitches

May 20, 2013
I've noticed a problem where sometimes display will glitch out. Don't know what causes it. For example, when it happens:
If trying to choose a time in alarm clock with the vertical scroll wheels, the scroll 'click' sound will play but there is no visual feedback of the time being changed
In other apps, it's like the display is frozen but everything behind the scenes is working
Typing into text boxes, no words appear

Reboot fixes the issue, but when rebooting it looks like this:

Also some other things I've noticed, not necessarily bugs:
  • When using the flashlight shortcut from lockscreen by holding down home, the screen turns off after standard timeout then the flashlight turns off, and you have to press power button twice to make screen come on again to use flashlight again (instead of screen and flashlight staying on whole time while pressing home)
  • if you open MIUI music from widget then press "<" button at top left, it closes app instead of going back to library view (emulates pressing back button instead of taking back to library)
  • When going to gallery from camera, the 'remember default action' doesn't stick if you have multiple apps capable of viewing photos