In Progress HUAWEI HONOR MIUI 2.9.29 Issues

Aug 17, 2012
Hi Admin,

Please and take a look of the ff. issues:
1. There's no "select all" option in BATCH DELETION OF CONTACTS?
2. Picture of Contacts from sync in GMAIL become small when dialing?
3. FC error on games. Need to reboot before playing.
4. FC on sending messages to group. (sometimes)
5. Is there a way to add a RAM using SDCARD?
6. Where I can find the CACHE cleaner in the settings?

BT and Battery issues Working good and nice!! ---> thanks to admin/developers,


Script Gatekeeper
Oct 31, 2011
1) Feature request. Not a bug.
2) Use Xiaomi contact storage to fix.
3) Need logcat.
4) Need logcat.
5) Question. Not bug.
6) Question. Not bug.

Please understand how this bug forum works next time.
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