I’ve locked my phone - help

Mrs S

Jun 7, 2022
Hello. I’m looking for some help as MI tech support aren’t doing much supporting.

I sold my Mi 11 and went to do a reset. Despite knowing my account password, it refused to accept it. I should have just stopped there but of course I didn’t…

I googled it and did the push lots of buttons thing and deleted all data. Obviously my phone is now locked out and I need to enter my password to activate it.

Despite changing my password several times at support’s request, it won’t accept it. I’ve investigated a bit and I appear to have two Mi account numbers attached to my phone number. Obviously the one I can access is the one not attached to the phone.

I have absolutely no idea what to do, other than put the phone in the trash. I don’t have a computer btw. Can anyone help, pretty please! I don’t know the “other” account number, only the numbers it starts/ends with.


May 22, 2021
If i where in your situation i would have replaced mother board, you can find it somewhere cheap on alibaba or **********, or you can sell it if it's making some good amount then do it buy i don't recommend you to sell it