I Have Found a way To improve Xiaomi Mi2/s Camera


Aug 27, 2013
I have Found a really easy and simple way to improve The Camera on my Mi2s!
All you need to Do is go to 'Google Play Store' and Get the App "Camera JB+"

Its the Camera app from Android Jelly Bean 4.3
*Small Tip when you 1st Open the app Go into Settings and change the Picture quality to -> 'Ultra'

Now The reason that i have found this Camera app Much better then Xiaomi's is that it has a much Better focus and then my Pics come out in Fully resolution !

* But there is 1 Small thing: after you Take a Photo and you preview it, it donst show it in full screen (examples below add, Its Only a ScreenShots so that you Can see what iam talking about)

Photo With Camera JB+ Has a Black bars on the side, Stock Xiaomi Is Normal...

I Think its because Xiaomi have PreSet the lens expansion so Its More zoom'd in.
Can it Be Fixed ?!
Enjoy :D




Jun 2, 2012
try to use Lenovo Camera apk...it's fantastic and better than other cam apk.


Dec 31, 2013
By seeing the two images uploaded, they have exactly the same quality, there is no difference at all, despite the JB+ shot has black bars.

The only way to get a real improvement in photo quality (and unleash the real power of the 13MP sensor placed in our Mi2S) is to change the camera driver provided with MIUI roms (and this should be a Xiaomi work) to provide a proper control of the autofocus (currently it has a bad and random behavior) and apply some common filters to extend the color gamut of the picture taken.

As a little workaround, I noticed that using automatic ISO and automatic exposure values coded into camera driver will deliver bad pictures because the driver always selects some values higher than the ones needed. So in your camera app DON'T set the ISO value to 'automatic' but set it manually to 100, 200, or 400 depending on the current scene light (same goes for exposure) and you'll have a noticeably better photo with a lower image noise.